Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About the Geeky Cooks: The Specter

Lets see. I'm not quite good at autobiographies. Read a lot about it but never ever attempted to have my own. I cant find the words to describe myself other than the word obscure. Sad but true. Either i don't know myself that well, or i'm just not as complicated as i thought i was - to be summed up into a single word. Sad.

I started cooking ever since i was 4 years old. My parents had just bought a gas stove with a built in oven. Back then, it was quite the luxury to own one. What i did with it was, i made my first baked sausage. You must be like "What? That's nothing!", but hey, i was 4. Placing the sausage on a plate and putting it in the oven and cooking it for 10 minutes on a 180°C heat and to have a well cooked sausage was quite an accomplishment for a 4 year old. It wowed my parent and other siblings, having to see me do that on my own. So there it was, the encouragements came pouring in.

Within the same year, i remembered the month approaching to Ramadhan. My family has this liking towards pizza. Most of the time, my mom would ask of my brother to place an order at Pizza Hut. Her favourite would be the Hawaiian chicken. Often enough, we would get to enjoy eating pizza. So during that fasting month, i thought of making pizza. I told my dad to buy Gardenia Bread, Cheese and you guess it, sausages! So what i did was, I took a few slices of the square Gardenia bread (4 to be exact) and pressed the edges of the bread together to form a perfect square. I used a bit of water to mend it together. Once done, i spread some ketchup (tomato) sauce, sprinkled some crush black pepper and put some sliced boiled sausages on top. And to finish, i then put some sliced cheese. Back then, my dad only got me the square cheese Singles (also a type of cheddar cheese) . Since it came in single squares, i had to roughly slice it up and spread it all over the bread. Once done, i place it on an oven tray and put it in the oven for 15 minutes under a 200°C just enough to melt the cheese and to crisp the bread.

And there it was. My first self made recipe for a quick pizza. May i humbly remind you, i was 4. So don't expect it to be brilliant like what chef Mario would have done. But nevertheless, i was proud of. it To make things better, my family actually enjoyed it when we ate it for break fast. Like a gratitude to any chef, having an empty plate after wouldn't feel any greater then.

Ever since, i started cooking whatever i can and experimenting as i go. Most of are failures, but there are times i can actually impress the people around me.


So. as you can see, i'm very much different from Pedro. He prefers formal lessons towards cookery. As for me, i prefer to experiment and try out anything i can. My education of cookery mostly comes from observation and of course solely reliant on my taste buds. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't Pretty much a gamble most of the time. But when it comes to that moment when you created something so great, its all worth it then!

Hence here we are. Me and Pedro. In search of that great culinary adventure that can make anyone's taste buds flare with wonderful flavours!

Wish us both luck yes?