Friday, December 7, 2012

Quan Ice Cream and Coffee House @ Desa Pandan

Last Saturday, after Rachel and I finished the Espasol and Pastillas de Leche, we did not have the time to prepare for dinner as she needs to be back home early. So we just decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants - Quan Ice Cream and Coffee House.

We have been visiting Quan for numerous times already. And even way way way back before this blog, i have been feeling this eagerness to promote the restaurant to my colleagues. There was also a time when i would try to find restaurant review websites featuring Quan and comment with all excitement.

Since Quan @ Desa Pandan is not located near train stations, I have been trying to find a way to get there by bus. Just in case The Specter is not around and I have the craving to go there. I believe the easiest will be boarding this bus from Dato Keramat. Coming from Pandan Indan, i think it will be easier for me to take a cab and give this address:

Desa Pandan Branch
No. 10, Jalan 4/76 C,
Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Or I may just go to the Pandan Indah branch which is just 5 to 8 minutes walk from our apartment, hahaha! (Just went there twice. Though same restaurant, it just feels better seeing familiar faces at Desa Pandan.)

Pandan Indah Branch
8G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/33,
Pandan Indah
55100 KL

We arrived at the place around 7:00 pm  Never did we encounter driving around just to find a parking space. There is always an available parking space around the vicinity. There was not much customer that time and so we just went straight to our favorite spot - the innermost corner of the dining area near the kitchen window.

Once we were seated, May (i am guessing how the name is spelled) handed us the menu with a smile. This is one of the reasons why I prefer eating out at Quan in Desa Pandan. Some of the staff may not be so sun-shiny, but they really are attentive of the customers.

There is a lot to choose from Quan's menu. May it be noodles, rice, soups, western and lots of different drinks and, of course, ice creams! Our meal for that night is as delicious as always. I remember the first time i was there. My eyes were smiling and i really can't get over the sight of the beautiful eggs on my fried rice. The egg whites were well cooked and the yolk was still liquid. Just like the way i like my sunny side-up! I ordered Butter Fish Rice, Big Bowl Noodle, and Iced Jasmice Tea. The Specter has Singapore Fried Mee Hoon. Ginger Beef Soo Hoon for Rachel. She asked the noodles to be changed and may was really helpful in customising Rachel's food. Some Abalone Mushrooms and Calamari for all of us.

I can only describe my food. Though I ate The Specter's left-overs, I will just focus on what I ordered. The Butter Fish Rice is just creamy enough. It won't make you feel like you are eating melted butter. I won't describe the egg anymore. As you can derive from my description above, yes, i am so in love with the eggs. My soup, Big Bowl Noodle, has the taste of all the fried items combined. Not oily and salty. The seasoning is just right. The Abalone Mushroom and Calamari coated with the crispy light batter that i wish the chef would share with me. Wish! Wish! Wish!

Butter Fish Rice
Singapore Fried Mee Hoon
Ginger Beef Soo Hoon
Abalone Mushroom
Big Bowl Noodle
With the delectable food, Quan has reasonable price. Below is our receipt to prove that you can get gratifying meal with less!

Some other blogs have a Must Try at Quan in their posts. But i say and believe that you'll enjoy anything you are going to order.

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