Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The big bang theory.

Was browsing through some old friends blogs and it got me wondering if Blogging is still relevant. Does it matter?

Anyways, been thinking of the agonizing pain of having the tasks to keep updating the blogs and keeping it alive. Not sure if i'm up to it. All i can say is that, this is my 5th blog to date. The rest are all dead, probably zombefied and screaming for *BRAINS* ~~! Yet, they say its fun to blog. Maybe true for a while. but after a few posting, you begin to feel the cramps in your upper region, a slow numbness in you fingers and suddenly a flatline sound - *beeepppp* and your blog is dead (died of stoke, probably, curling up my tongue just in case). Nope. Not yet.

I've set out to find an identity and interest. Sadly enough, i don't have any. NO! I DON'T HAVE ANY! I'm just a regular bloke with no passion in life whatsoever. Not sure when that happened. All i know is that i like to eat (isn't everyone?). I'm not talking about food as just sustenance. I'm talking about food that is orgasmic and would throw your pallet off and leaving you crying over such a wonderful gastronomic experience. If there is anyone out there who doesn't like food, then the You-Should-Not-Be-Alive blog is around the other corner, so please leave this blog immediately.

So, just to entertain myself, here we are. My 5th blog. About Food. Or precisely, how an IT geek such as myself gets lost in the kitchen and starts wanking up the spades and throwing about the woks and pans in search of that great recipe that redefines what we call flavour. (Did i just type wank? Ermm.. that would be good too, and definitely orgasmic). Uhhh ~~~

Here we go. Let the agony begin!

there is two of us. like how the Golem in LOTR got addicted to the one ring, i and ***** got addicted to food. Wonderful! Wonderful food!

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